Joachim Blank, 1963 born in Aachen, is an artist based in Berlin working with different materials, media and formats.

He studied photography, film-, theatre-, computer- and information science (M.A.) in Berlin.
His works were presented in group exhibitions and institutions at the Documenta X (1997), ZKM Karlsruhe (1999), Institute of Contemporary Art London (2000), Foto Museum Winterthur (2001), National Museum of Contemporay Art Oslo (2003), San Fransisco Museum of Modern Art (2008), Berlinische Galerie (2010) and National Museum Stettin (2014) and project spaces like "After the Butcher - Raum für Kunst und soziale Fragen" (Berlin, 2014) a.o.

In his works the confrontation with the digital world has become a central aspect of his own artistic practice. Blanks central question revolves about how media perception are changing the perception of materiality, how medial arguments are enrolled in the surfaces of the objects and are transforming them. It is about investigating the materiality of things and images, their outer appearance and physical presence in terms of surface-, meaning- and knowledge production of our time.

Since 2003 he is teaching as a Professor of Media Art (Class of Installation and Space) at the Academy of Fine Arts (HGB) in Leipzig.

PDF-Portfolio Joachim Blank (2005-2009)